When we work together you can expect your client’s home refinancing / buying experience to elevate to a new level.

You’ll hear them express gratitude and tell their friends and family about you breeding future referrals. Additionally, we’ll define a clear marketing strategy based on collaborative efforts so you build a business based on relationships and become immune to existing market conditions. Over a period of time you’ll realize higher sales, higher profit margins and less work.

Working together should be fun.

I am passionate about serving the needs of clients, but I don’t take myself too seriously and remember to have fun. Too often the home finance process is stressful and my job is to remove the anxiety and help clients feel comfortable and humor is something I use to do it.

I believe in life balance.

There’s more to life than just my work. Weekends are spent with my family, and although I’m occasionally available and can return calls, I maintain a schedule that balances my lifestyle.

My job is to make my partner – the real estate agent/Financial advisor – look good in the eyes of the client.

It’s also the job of the real estate agent/Financial advisor to make the lender look good too. It’s symbiotic and if the client feels dissension or one party blames the other openly in front of the client, it only deteriorates the client relationship and hurts future referrals.

Relationships are built on collaboration.

We’ll discuss ideas and form a strategy on paper. Based on the different tactics decided, we’ll assign each other responsibility and hold one another accountable. Each week we’ll review our plans and every 120 days, we’ll revise our strategy to stay on track.

Service is my signature trademark.

When you refer a client, my first act of service is holding a strategic Mortgage planning session with the client. Due diligence performed early eliminates surprises at the closing table. Additionally, unlike many consultants, I attend my signings. It demonstrates my commitment to the client and the mortgage program I recommended.

In today’s competitive marketplace you cannot afford the smallest margin of error.

Lapses in service, especially from your affiliates (i.e. loan officers, inspectors, title & escrow) cost you future referrals. As your preferred mortgage lender my job goes beyond delivering red carpet service to clients. It includes helping you build client loyalty so you benefit from a lifetime of referrals, reduce your advertising expenses and enjoy the lifestyle you deserve